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Building Media Relationships

The key to building media relationships according to Kerrie Murphy, General Manager of Ovato Communications and former journalist, is research, research, research. This episode explores why research is so important, what you should consider before establishing new media connections, the information journalists are interested (and not interested) in learning from you plus why some journalists aren't responsive to PR contact and how to counteract that.

The episode also covers:

  • Why editors are generally not the best people to make the first connection with and who you should be contacting

  • Whether email, phone or social media is a more effective tool for make that initial introduction

  • How to nurture existing relationships

  • What annoys journalists about PR practitioners when it comes to pitching

  • When do you stop attempting to get a response from your initial connection outreach

Listen to the full episode on The PR Pod podcast for more about building media relationships. You'll also find this episode on your fave podcast players, just search "The PR Pod".

If you'd like to learn more about pitching to media, you'll find some extra podcast episodes here.


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