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Creating Compelling Content From Technical Data

Nicole Smith, Senior Global Communications Officer at the International Rescue Committee in New York, is responsible for developing programs that amplify the voices of women around the world among many other things. She is often required to translate complex technical information and data from humanitarian efforts in 40 countries into external-facing communications materials. The content she develops needs to be relatable and understandable, delivered in an engaging package and it has to land at a time that is most impactful. Nicole shares her insight on how to identify compelling information and prioritise what you lead with in a communications campaign, the value of setting expectations among internal stakeholders of how data may be utilised and interpreted and, the power of imagery versus infographics. She also explains why patience is the key when pitching data-focused stories.

The episode also covers:

  • The importance of data and what it allows you to do

  • The challenges of working with data and solutions for navigating issues

  • Presenting data in a way that is unique and gives you a competitive news edge

  • Nicole's process for reviewing data and distilling information

  • Integrating a call-to-action and why that's crucial

  • Tweaking messaging for your various external platforms

  • Being resourceful and organised when it comes to creating and commissioning imagery

  • Tips for securing a communications position in the non-profit space

Listen to the full episode on The PR Pod podcast for more about creating compelling content from technical data. You'll also find this episode on your fave podcast players, just search "The PR Pod".

If you would like to know more about creating effective campaigns for non-profit organisations, check out this episode.


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