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Managing Your Mental Health

Public relations has a reputation for being a competitive industry and it's easy to fall into the pattern of feeling compelled to push yourself beyond your limits. Many of us feel we need to balance workplace expectations with client expectations and our own personal professional expectations and that can often lead to our mental health being compromised. Psychotherapist Katie Feder and General Manager of Palin Communications Karina Durham discuss the value of self-awareness, vulnerability and accountability when it comes to understanding and managing your mental health. We also examine the measures individuals and companies can take to improve mental wellbeing in the workplace as well as how to navigate circumstances when you can't separate yourself from a triggering situation.

The episode also covers:

  • Defining mental health

  • Is it the workplace's responsibility to create a solution for an employee's mental health challenges and what accountability do employees need to take when dealing with mental health issues

  • How to balance the necessity to be across news coverage as part of your PR responsibilities with the potential triggers it may provide you

  • How Katie, Karina and I get balance in our own lives

  • An overview of what psychotherapy, psychology and psychiatry is, and how they differ

  • Releasing the shame and guilt for recognising you need support from someone more experienced than yourself, and having permission to invest in your wellbeing journey

Listen to the full episode on The PR Pod podcast for more about managing your mental health. You'll also find this episode on your fave podcast players, just search "The PR Pod".

You can find information on the Mentally Healthy group referenced within the podcast here -


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