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Writing A Blog

Blogs are a useful tool for building a brand's credibility and authenticity on a particular topic but creating an engaging, compelling blog takes a little practice. Former journalist and General Manager of Ovato Communications, Kerrie Murphy, shares insight on integrating keywords, the value of backlinks, how to capture the attention of your audience and, how often you should be posting them. Plus, we discuss the best way to start the writing process and whether every company should produce blogs.

The episode also covers:

  • Tips for ensuring your grammar is correct and the copy flows smoothly

  • Why you need to know who the blog will be attributed to before you start writing

  • How many key messages should be incorporated

  • Why every blog needs to have a call-to-action

Listen to the full episode on The PR Pod podcast for more about writing a blog. You'll also find this episode on your fave podcast player, just search "The PR Pod".

If you'd like to listen more episodes dedicated to copywriting, you'll find them here.


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