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Media Training

You may have crafted the perfect pitch and managed to secure an interview for your spokesperson but if they can’t communicate the key messages succinctly, navigate challenging questions or come across as an engaging interviewee, all that hard work can be lost. Shelly Horton, a well-known Australian TV presenter, experienced journalist and MC, draws on her decades of experience to conduct media training through her company, Shellshocked Media. Shelly shares her tips for conquering nerves and managing curly questions as well as how to tailor interview responses for different mediums. Plus, we also discuss the value of anecdotes in communicating messages and whether there is a place for emotive gestures in television interviews.

We also cover:

  • When the right time is to do media training

  • The benefits of using a media trainer

  • Who can get value from media training

  • How Covid has changed her media training business to being accessible world-wide

  • What media training services Shellshocked Media provides

  • The value of being vulnerable and self-critical

  • Why filming mock interviews sessions are essential

  • Tips for conducting interviews virtually

Listen to the full episode on The PR Pod podcast for more about media training. You'll also find this episode on your fave podcast players, just search "The PR Pod".

If you'd like to find out more about Shellshocked Media and the media training services they can offer you, head here:

If you'd like to learn more about developing thought leaders, take a look at this podcast episode.


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